Acoustic Enclosures

Beechfield Acoustics design, manufacture, supply and install:


Acoustic Enclosures

  • can be designed with bolt together panels for lower cost


  • can be designed with a rolled steel angle (RSA) or hollow section (HS) frame 

       options include

  • hinged doors
  • glazed panels
  • natural or forced ventilation
  • various materials and specifications
  • standard construction
    • pre - galvanised steel outer body
    • perforated steel inner
    • acoustic infill with glass cloth wrapping
    • bolted panels
  • optional construction
    • RSA frame or HS frame
    • stainless steel construction
    • glazed panels
    • powder coated steel outer construction
    • FDA approved materials
    • acoustic material can be wrapped in a polyester based film for pharmaceutical or food environments or supplied as a low density foam


All products are bespoke and are designed to meet the specification required by the customer. 


Sizing requirements:

  • sound frequency spectrum (this can be measured by beechfield acoustics)
  • target noise levels
  • size of machine to enclose
  • cooling requirements, eg kW rating of motor
  • any cable entries or services 


Beechfield Acoustics can attend site and perform a no obligation noise survey and then offer a suitable bespoke solution.


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