Reactive Silencers


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Beechfield Acoustics design, manufacture and supply:


Reactive Silencers/Attenuators

Silencers designed for use on roots and other positive displacement blowers and compressors use reactive silencing technology to reduce the noise produced by the machine  to a minimum. The advantage of this approach is that reactive designs do not use any form of sound absorption material giving the silencers a much longer life and removing any possibility of contamination of product or machinery downstream of the compressor. This allows effective silencers to be installed in food applications, pharmaceuticals, air handling systems, chemical plants and even water treatment where clogging of downstream diffusers is a problem with conventional silencers.

  • available in various sizes
  • can be inlet or discharge
  • filters can be separate or integral on inlet 

 Made from a range of materials and specifications

  • standard construction
    • all silencers are manufactured from a minimum thickness of 5mm carbon steel internally and externally
  • optional construction
    • silencers can also be manufactured from stainless steels, aluminium or nickel based alloys such as Hasteloy for very corrosive applications
    • flanges can be British Standard, ANSI, DIN or to any customer preference
    • for high pressure applications the external shells can be designed to conform to British Standards or ASME pressure vessel codes

Sizing information:

  • nature of machine, i.e., roots blower, reciprocating compressor, vane pump, etc.
  • flowrate
  • operating temperature
  • operating pressure
  • machine speed
  • number of lobes, vanes, cylinders per stage, etc.
  • nature of gas (air, steam, other - molecular weight & Cp/Cv value)





All products are bespoke and are designed to meet the specification required by the customer. 


Beechfield Acoustics can attend site and perform a no obligation noise survey and then offer a suitable bespoke solution.


Online price quotes are now available! Please contact us for login details.


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